Energy consulting

Today and in the future, private households, the industry and public sector are more and more often talking about energy and CO2 savings through rising energy costs. In the age of limited energy resources, it is becoming more and more important to achieve an efficient saving opportunity for you.

The new energy savings, which will be amended in two stages by 2020, aim to set a target of at least 20% for CO2 emissions and 30% for energy efficiency.

To achieve this goal, the only sensible alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power are the renewable energies: solar energy, geothermal energy (geothermal/air heat), wind and water power, pellets and wood chips, and biomass. These energies are available to us at any time and allow us – without limit – a cost-effective and environmentally friendly use. The Renewable Energy Law now requires the use of renewable energies for new buildings.

Regenerative systems for existing buildings or old buildings are not problematic, since savings potential of up to 30% can already be achieved with little effort.

We are happy to assist you with our expertise with any questions you may have about the optimal use of renewable energies.

We create and recommend needs-orientated planning and energy concepts for energy and CO2 savings as well as the use of environmental energy at the highest level and highest quality

  • Consideration of the entire building
  • Consideration of the environment
  • Budget costs
  • Execution
  • Building utilisation
  • Environmental aspects

We stand for the collaboration of technology, infrastructure, architecture and the environment. Only then a sustainable, resource-conversing and energy-efficient of a building is made possible.

When we assess profitability, we not only look at the acquisition and energy costs, but also at all maintenance costs, general financing and other costs over a reasonable period. Thus, you can see the profitability of the return on investment costs and use.

The goal of our consulting, planning and execution must always be to lower investment and consumption costs and to achieve a return on investment through efficient energy savings, within a very short amount of time.

This is exactly where we start to achieve the greatest possible savings for you using renewable energies.

We at Fuchs have specialised in regenerative systems for new and old buildings. The turn into the regenerative age affects us all.

Our goal:

Finding your individual solution for saving energy.

„We are here for you.“